“And Spiders Will Destroy Their Own Webs” (2017 Eclipse)

Join us in person or online at 8:15 p.m. Saturday, April 6 (2024) as ARTPEERS debuts an extraordinary dance film made in real time during the 2017 solar eclipse: And Spiders Will Destroy Their Own Webs. This work features some of Michigan’s best dancers and filmmakers, with musicians from Grand Rapids symphony and opera led by Detroit trip-hop producer Matt Black. We traveled to Lebanon, TN in collaboration with DITA, Sidecar Studios, Green Frog Photo, and Matt Black Music. Made possible by Wege Foundation.

Natural Hair Portraits: I ROCK MY OWN Year 1

“I ROCK MY OWN: 2016” is the original portrait-series exploring and celebrating the cultural and historical significance of natural hair. A collaboration with several of West Michigan’s most talented photographers, “I ROCK MY OWN” events invite community members with natural hair to get a free, professional portrait they can use for anything. Holland Litho donates high-quality prints that debut at public events featuring local experts who can speak to the unique history of natural hair. Events made possible by Steelcase Foundation and Wege Foundation.

Etch [in post]

Currently in post-production. Produced and directed by Erin Wilson. Movement score by Amy Wilson. Dancers: Hannah Sullivan, Toni Ball, Amy Wilson, Clementine Thompson. Co-edited by Seth Thompson and Erin Thomas Wilson. Music by LeAnn King MacDonald. Photography by Seth Thompson, Michael Cook and Erin Thomas Wilson.

Pull Me Back

Experimental short film featuring DITA wsg. Joshua Burge and Rick Chyme. Written, directed edited by Erin Wilson. Dancers: Hannah Sullivan, Amy Wilson, Hannah Loss, Rachel Finan. Photography by Seth Thompson (DP) and Erin Wilson. Movement score: Amy Wilson. Music: Rick Chyme.

As In Life [in post]

Filmed on a moving 40-foot city bus, in partnership with Rapid Transit, SideCar Studios and Dance in the Annex (DITA). Working title “The Regulars,” directed, produced and edited by Erin Thomas Wilson. Movement score by Amy Wilson. Photography by Joshua Tyron (DP), Seth Thompson and Raleigh Chadderson.

TRIP THE LIGHT 2014 [Trailer]

TRIP THE LIGHT 2014 [Trailer] Official trailer created and edited by Erin Thomas Wilson. Photography by DJ Viernes and Erin Thomas Wilson. TRIP THE LIGHT 2014 was an event featuring live music, original choreography and dance-on-film work. Produced by Dance in the Annex (DITA) at Wealthy Theatre (May 2014).