Dance on film in three movements, made in Grand Rapids, MI. Co-created by ArtPeers, DITA and MASARY Studios (based in Boston, MA). Made possible with support from the City of Grand Rapids, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc (DGRI), Wege Foundation, Sidecar Studios, Goodrich Quality Theatres Inc, the Grand Rapids Hip-Hop Coalition and the Hip-Hop Literacy Project.

Two full days of activities

DAY 1:
Dedicated to workshop performances by young artists presenting their original compositions, in live performances featuring accompaniment by ArtPeers musicians as part of the Hip-Hop Literacy Project.

DAY 2:

Focused on production of site-based “dance on film” featuring DITA, co-created by Boston MA artist collective MASARY Studios

Collaborators and Partners

City of Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department
City of Grand Rapids Office of Special Events
Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. (DGRI)
The Grand Rapids Hip Hop Coalition
Hip Hop Summer Camp Experience
Goodrich Quality Theatres Inc.
The Hip Hop Literacy Project
The City of Grand Rapids
The Love Movement, Inc.
SideCar Studios
Wege Foundation
MASARY Studios

Images (below) from DAY 1 of the Cubes Project.

Activities involved live performances of original lyrics by young artists, accompanied by ArtPeers musicians.