Ellie Frances Gramer PSA

Ellie Frances Gramer PSA Written and directed by Erin Thomas Wilson. Camera work and editing by Seth Thompson. Audio by Erin Thomas Wilson.

white out

white out Produced and filmed by Jon Clay and Erin Wilson; edited by Jon Clay, featuring dance and choreography by Hannah Sullivan. Original music score by Jennifer Collier. Premiered at TRIP THE LIGHT 2013 at Wealthy Theatre, a presentation of Dance in the Annex (DITA) and ArtPeers. Special thanks to MACkite Surf Shop for the […]

What it was, was

What it was, was Directed, produced and edited by Erin Thomas Wilson. Dance and choreography by Amy Wilson and Carolina Gil-Pava; Original music score by ADN.

Angle of Repose

Angle of Repose Directed and edited by Erin Thomas Wilson. Movement score by DITA Artistic Director Amy Wilson. Dancers: Hannah Sullivan, David Strong and Amy Wilson. Music by Jef Collis and Trevor Goldner. Camera work: Erin Thomas Wilson. “Angle of Repose,” an official ArtPrize 2013 installation co-created by Amy Wilson and Erin Thomas Wilson, was […]

respirador (breather)

respirador (breather) Excerpt from “respirador (breather)” winner of the the Time-Based category in ArtPrize 2014, co-created by Erin Thomas Wilson and Amy Wilson. The six dance-on-film elements of “respirador (breather)” were directed, produced and edited by Erin Thomas Wilson. Movement score by Amy Wilson. Dance by Heather Vaughan-Southard, Hannah Sullivan, Hannah Loss, Amy Wilson and […]