doom eager

Directed, produced and edited by Erin Thomas Wilson. Movement score and dance by Dance in the Annex (DITA) Artistic Director Amy Wilson. Camera work by Michael Cook, Seth Thompson, DJ Viernes and Erin Thomas Wilson. Dancers: Hannah Sullivan; Mary Jo Masters; David Strong; Tom Duimstra; Irene Dwyer; and Amy Wilson. Original music by Rick Chyme and Nixon, featuring Casey Stratton. Improv structure: Amy Wilson. Concept: Erin Wilson. Production assistant: Lora Robertson. The original dance film “doom eager” was filmed during the SiTE:LAB “Blacktop” event, on LaGrave Street. Four dancers move within an urban landscape of lights, scaffolding, skating ramps and hundreds of lookers-on — navigating space between skateboarders moving at high velocity all around them, often resulting in near collisions and animosity between performers. The title “doom eager” is from an Icelandic expression used often by one of America’s most influential modern dancers and choreographers, the late Martha Graham.