Dance Film in the Path of the Eclipse

Dance on film in the path of the solar eclipse – please support this project!

Michigan artists from Detroit and Grand Rapids were part of ArtPeers’ most recent, and biggest project: “and spiders will destroy their own webs,” created in the center of the path of the solar eclipse, August 21, in middle Tennessee.

The Kickstarter campaign we created to pay our expenses for this project… failed. Transparency is a big part of ArtPeers’ process, and we want to be very honest about the failure of the Kickstarter campaign, and its many significant consequences. We have many bills left to pay, and much work left to do. No matter what, we are committed to complete the large amount of post-production work. And, as promised, we will release the finished work publicly, accessible by all, as soon as possible.

We have created a secure portal for anyone who might consider supporting this project, even though the production phase is completed. What remains are hundreds of hours of post-production work, and many thousands of dollars of expenses to be paid. We will finish the work and we will pay the bills, no matter what. If you would help us, financially, with a donation of any size – we would be very grateful for your investment in local arts, and local artists.

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Michigan artist collective ArtPeers will “collaborate” with the solar eclipse in the centerline of its path, in middle Tennessee – musicians, dancers and filmmakers from Detroit and Grand Rapids will create an unconventional eclipse experience, and we’ll share it the same day. Immediately after the final phase of the eclipse finishes, we’ll begin coloring and editing the footage of the dancers and musicians, who will create work live, in real time.

The work will be titled, “And The Spiders Will Destroy Their Own Webs.”

There will be a VR/360 Livestream feed available to project supporters, during the eclipse. ArtPeers also will film with more than ten cameras, in order to edit and share a high-quality 4k version of the work, later that day (August 21, 2017.)

We were already at the point of no return, once we launched this campaign, to cover our core costs. The actual budget is nearly $10,000. We set the campaign at much less, in order to stand the best chance of completing it, so we could pay our bills, and cover our costs. Thank you for considering support of this project.

Below the “pitch” video is some of the footage from the actual project, August 21.

Below please find the trailer video, featuring some clips from the eclipse project.