Eddie Grover

Eddie Grover is a Grand Rapids native and local resident from the Wealthy Street neighborhood. He is the founder and owner of the nonprofit organization STRONG (Systematically Training & Revitalizing our own Generation). Through this organization, Eddie has worked to provide youth with opportunities and structure with his summer program that initially gave martial arts lessons taught by Eddie but has expanded to include basketball training, literacy programs, health classes, and football and physical education training, dance, and community service programs. His STRONG program works to make a positive impact on the lives of at-risk youth by nurturing their potential and providing an outlet to relieve the tensions that can lead to neighborhood conflicts and adversely affect them. Now based out of LifeQuest Center at 1050 Fisk,  Eddie hopes to continue to fulfill STRONG’s goal of community improvement by maintaining and expanding its various services, partnerships, and activities. Although Eddie’s admirable work to give back the community does not stop there, as he is also a minister and assistant to the pastor at True Light Baptist Church.