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  1. Hey there! I met Ryan Edwards this past weekend at Blissfest and he was telling me about filming his installation with you guys at Movies on Monroe! That big blue circle you filmed on was the base layer to my labyrinth painting for DGRI, and he mentioned my friend’s work next to mine was in the film as well. I’d love love it if you could send me a link to the film once it’s finished so I can share it!
    Also Ryan was telling me that after meeting both of us he thought we might have success partnering on a project in the future! I do freelance illustration, design, and printmaking as well as working with other local makers to turn hand printed textiles into products. If you’d like to take a peek at my page, just keep me in mind! I love collaborating.
    I also work at Lions & Rabbits, a local gallery, there may be some potential for collaboration here as well!

    Thank you! looking forward to hearing back,

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