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Pre-Pro Notes
I’ve been msg’ing for a week w. Dominick John Davis, a musician we know who lives in Nashville, TN (one of the optimal locations for seeing the eclipse.) He’s helping to ask around about possible urban or rural locations that are owned or managed by someone, who can give permission for use. This is better than an unknown or uncontrolled (public) space. Also checking all national forests, caves, and Native American reservations in the Path of Totality.

Filters that can be adjusted on the fly? Didn’t someone say something about this being a thing?

How long can REDs shoot when they bracket – that’s a thing, right? Bracketing while shooting video?

Are there auto gears that can sequentially and gradually drop and raise aperture?

Maybe two safety cameras that are set at extremes, one for bright, one for dark, that won’t really be adjusted, but serve as safeties.

And what are you going to do about the fact the sun is like straight up in the air…? buildings, ladders, elevated grassy areas, etc.? Solar Noon in Nashville is 12:50 p.m. Aug. 21.

Use a safe, proper solar filter.

When shooting the eclipse’s partial phases, be sure to use a solar filter mounted securely in front of your telephoto lens or telescope objective. Don’t forget to place a filter over the telescope’s finder scope as well.

Metal-coated glass and black polymer filters produce a pleasing yellow or orange image of the sun, while arc-welder’s No. 14 glass filters give a light, greenish image. Aluminized Mylar filters show a bluish sun. Baader’s AstroSolar Safety Film (made of metal-coated resin) exhibits a white image with a hint of pale purple. Suppliers of solar filters include Meade Instruments, Orion Telescopes & Binoculars, Thousand Oaks Optical, Celestron and Kendrick Astro Instruments.

Be sure to take test shots on the sun well ahead of the eclipse to determine the best exposure to use with these filters.

Also, Jes Kramer and Leanne King are helping to ask around, in St. Louis and also about Kentucky. Both of these ladies are going to these locations now or soon, and they have connections there.

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