Baily’s beads: Intro Page

This is a private clearinghouse of pre-pro resources for ArtPeers planning of the Aug. 21st project, based around the total solar eclipse.

There are several states along the “Path of Totality” (where the solar eclipse is full, rather than partial) that are optimal because the eclipse is longest and most visible. Fortunately, the stretch of states that is optimal… is pretty much right below Michigan.

In researching these sites, it was learned that there’s actually an effort underway by NASA, to gain footage from regular people, photographers, videographers, etc. From across the entire Path of Totality. So they can stitch it all together (with footage from weather balloons that will be launched with cameras) for a contiguous video of the entire Path. All this to say: it may be in our best interest to adapt to this information, and to focus all of our efforts on one general location – which could still be two teams, but in the same 10 clicks or so, rather than spreading out across a stretch of the Path. However, this is just information, and we may want to still do the 2-3 team approach. It’s just a discussion we haven’t had, yet, and this new shit came to light, man.

There’ll be a “table of contents” on each page, like below, with links to resources, notes, maps, etc.

Overview of Path of Totality across the USA
Maps of Illinois with notesĀ 
Maps of Missouri with notes
Maps of Kentucky with notes
Maps of Tennessee with notes
Notes about in-progress efforts to secure location, etc.

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